About www.mypano.es

www.mypano.es is a friendly site for 360 degrees panoramic amateurs photographs. The 360 photography is an easy technical: you only needs a digital camera with support for fisheye lens (as Nikon Fisheye Converter FC-E8 or Nikon Fisheye Converter FC-E9), a stitching software as Panotools (free software) or Ptgui, or similar. Ptgui is an easy and intuitive interface for Ptstitcher , the principal component of Panotools.

If you want see your panoramic photos in www.mypano.es, you must send us yours images in equirectangular jpg format (2400 x 1200 pix), by email clicking in Contact Us. We will convert the format to a non modifiable qtvr format.

Note that www.mypano.es is not a commercial site. You keep the copyright of your panoramic photo. Www.ypano.es only makes a online publication of your image and, if you want, a link to your site.

The selected publicity at end of pages is only for maintenance of our site. Usually, this links contains very interesting offers of travels or software.   Finally, you will find a precise link in relation with an official site about the city or place of the panoramic image.

Thanks and enjoy.